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JC Offers Lola the Best of Both Worlds

I’ve always gone for one of two types when it comes to dating men: Down-home-country boy or Savvy Cosmopolitan. For me, the best possible scenario would be a guy who incorporates facets of both worlds.

I recently introduced you to the newest man in my life; in the post Lola Meets JC.

We are moving at a very slow, but very chill pace. I am a fan of this plan. Slow is good for me as I’m healing and rebuilding my self-esteem from the 3-year hit it took while I was with Tristan.

After date #2 with JC this weekend, I’m really liking him, and have to tell y’all..He’s a real contender. Guys like him certainly don’t come along every day, and I’m feeling like I may have just stumbled upon a gold mine.  JC possesses the extremely rare and ever-so-tantalizing mix of country boy and city slicker.

He is the type of guy who could give you directions down winding back roads through the country to a breathtakingly beautiful picnic spot by a lonely restful creek, or to the best kept secret restaurant in Hong Kong that only has seating for 10. In fact, he has already given me directions to both. ; )

He’s got a rugged pick-up truck for hunting Pheasant and a sleek BMW for nights out on the town. AND he’s had a vasectomy!!!??? SCORE. 

The best word I would use to describe him at this point would have to be CAPABLE. A guy who lands on his feet in any situation, no problem. It comes across loud and clear. Even though I’ve only known him for a short time, there is no mistaking the strength inside this man.

I heard it in his stories of  growing up without a mom, and from his days of being a Marine. I saw it in his sturdy brown leather boots at the other end of his stylish jeans, and felt it when I slid my hand into his thick callused one, boasting perfectly groomed nails. I smelled it coming from his snug-fitting, black cotton tee, as the smell of fresh soap mixed with the scent of his skin made me slightly euphoric. I tasted it in his firm, yet gentle kiss as his full lips met mine for a sweet good night kiss.

He’s got whatever “it” is….And I’m going to have to keep a tight grip on my heart to keep from being swept away by this one. I’ll start by leaving for the week to go raise some hell with Elle.



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