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Current Online Dating Mood: “In Love”

Many of you know that I’m back in the trenches of the online dating circuit. I am sure those of you with experience in this arena have the same love/hate relationship with it that I do. I’m currently “in love.”

Online dating gets old, but it’s a kick ass way to meet people and go on dates. I get about 20-30 messages a day from interested men. I have a wide variety to choose from, and I don’t always respond. In fact, if I reply to 3 a day, that’s a good day for me.

Here are just a few messages that I currently have in my inbox that I did not/will not be responding to.

“You should be married to me.”

“Very sexy.”

“Simply gorgeous and a hell of a lot of sexy! I certainly would enjoy meeting and getting to know the woman behind those gorgeous eyes and smile!”

“Hi, you have a pretty smile and nice teeth.”

“Wow! You are the most beautiful woman on here!”

“Hi, I love tall women. My last girlfriend was 5’11.”

“I would roll in the hay with you any day.”


“Hi, how was your day?”

Here is one I did respond to:

“You sound like you are the whole package! You say your weakness is a guy with a beard… That makes me sad I shaved off mine last year. You are a compelling writer, I expect conversation would be just as engaging.”

I’ve currently got 5 or 6 men I’m chatting with, one of which I’ve already met and have agreed to a second date with this weekend. I’ll write more about him after our second date. He’s cool and very handsome. I felt a small spark, but worry he’s too young for me.

I’m fairly interested in two others (one of which is the author of that message above that I DID reply to). He plays the bagpipes, which I find very intriguing. The other is a writer, with a lot of depth and SOUL…(and really good hair and big brown eyes).

They are both attractive, successful men in their early 40’s. And both are ready to meet me! Yay!



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