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Back in the saddle (again)

There is a country song that I have always liked, called “Cowgirls Don’t Cry.” And even though I do cry (A LOT)  it does inspire me to be tougher, and I think all of us can probably identify with these lyrics, cowgirl or not.

Cowgirls don’t cry
Ride, baby, ride
Lessons of life are going to show you in time
Soon enough you’re gonna know why
It’s gonna hurt every now and then
If you fall get back on again
Cowgirls don’t cry

It’s gonna hurt every now and then, if you fall get back on again. That’s the part I’ve never had trouble doing. I get back on time after time, despite many injuries. You would think by now I would be an experienced rider, and I guess I am. The problem is I keep going back to the one stallion who keeps throwing me off. The other horses bore me, eventually. Case in point: Liam. He held onto me for a while, but the minute he made me feel inadequate, I jumped off. And he won’t get me back on.

I like a wild ride. I like passion. I like spirit. I like frisky. I do.  And I have found those breeds of steeds to be all too rare.  I truly want a man I can’t break and a man who doesn’t want to break me.  I want to run wild in the wilderness unbridled and free, with only our shared spirits keeping us together.

So I’m back into the online dating world. I revived my profile a couple of nights ago. As usual, there are a couple of men that have piqued my interest who I have been chatting with.  I don’t know if I will choose to meet them, as I have to be pretty impressed to even bother at this point. I’m a veteran at this online dating crap by now. If I don’t feel a strong pull/desire to meet them, I will not do it. I have found there to be absolutely no point.

The last thing I want to do is to add needlessly to my list of sexual partners. I’m still mad at myself for going so crazy in that regard last year.

I’ve got a 33-year-old hottie with a beard that I’m talking to, and a 49-year-old CEO with loads of sex appeal and a wide variety of interests.

I’ll keep you posted on any further developments. Wish me luck.



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