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Liam and Lola’s Sexual Crisis

I guess “crisis” is probably not the best word for it, since I happen to be at a place in my life where I am having fanfuckingtastic sex with Tristan.  However,  my sex life with Liam is certainly something which bears a bit of consideration.

And both of us are doing just that.

Liam and I have had sex a handful of times now, in three different positions, and out of those slim pickings, there has been one time (yes, one) that he even came close to having an orgasm (same goes for me). That was the time he had me on my side, was making all of the appropriate moaning sounds, and I was really getting into it when he abruptly pulled out. The other times have consisted of approximately 2-5 minutes of intercourse, until he stops again, leaving us both hanging. He always gets very hard, and he always initiates.

Truth be told, I was not too worried about it. After all, he came out of the gate so strong with that big beautiful cock, I thought our sex life would end up being dynamite – especially after that night he had me on fire in his kitchen (Liam and Lola’s Slow Burn). I figured he had a lot of stuff going on in his life/head and that the sex would come naturally as we got more comfortable with one another, and as our feelings intensified.

But the last time we were together, he brought up the sexual elephant in the room. He told me that he doesn’t feel like he can “go deep” with me. W.T.F?

I’ve never had a man tell me this. Jez, Elle and I are baffled, so I brought Cruise in on the discussion.

His theory? Liam is gay and doesn’t know it yet.

And at this point, I’m inclined to agree with him.

After the last failed attempt at sex, Liam said he would like to try having sex when he is not drinking. He mentioned that a romantic dinner and evening of my amazing company would be just the ticket.

We have yet to enact this grand plan, and the more time that passes, the less inclined I am to try it.

Again, it is difficult to want to “try” to have sex with someone who it is obviously NOT working with, when I have an amazing lover I can ‘reverse cowgirl’ into ecstasy with.

But Liam is still hanging around, so I have decided to give doggy style the ‘ol college try if we ever get around to it. I know, I  know…I’m such a trooper. ; )



4 thoughts on “Liam and Lola’s Sexual Crisis

  1. After Jez read this post the following conversation ensued:

    Jez: I think the side position sounds like it’s worth another try. Or reverse cowgirl him! Why not?! It just really surprises me that he stops when things are going so well.

    Lola: Yeah. Maybe he fears loss of control of his feelings if he orgasms?

    Jez: I don’t know. But I think you are gonna have to ask him though.

    Lola: Maybe we’ll never know!

      • Oh girl…Don’t I know it! I’m trying to keep in mind your sage advice from a few weeks ago….Practice, practice, practice!

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