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The Brain In My Heart Is Stupid

I’m finally understanding the problem. The brain in my heart does not work well with the brain in my head. According to a recent article by Gabriella Kortsch, Ph.D., we have a second brain in our stomach, and a third in our heart. For the full post, packed with all sorts of interesting scientific data, please click here. 


As I wrote a couple of days ago in the post “Getting This Love Thing Figured Out,” I was armed and dangerous with a new plan which included falling out of love with Tristan and giving my undivided attention to Liam.

It was a 3-step fail-proof plan, according to logic, which consisted of the following:

1. Fall totally out of love with Tristan.

2. Spend more time nurturing my relationship with Liam.

3. Stop dating others while I’m sleeping with Liam.

Unfortunately, emotions seem to rule me. Ironically, my astrological sign is Cancer which actually means ‘ruled by emotions.’ But let’s not blame this on the sun, moon and the stars, let’s blame it on my hopeless, romantic, stupid brainless heart.

Over the past 48 hours, I have watched rather helplessly as my foolproof plan completely disintegrated before my eyes, and I took the following steps in this order.

1. I sent a naked picture to Tristan.

2. I broke up with Liam.

3. I ran head-first back towards the guy who has been kicking around a vacation together,  and enjoyed a nice long chat with him online.

And now? I feel badly for bailing on Liam, a little badly for involving another man in my complicated life, and hopeless that Tristan will ever leave my head/heart/stomach.

Maybe it’s time for therapy.



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