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Liam Shows Lola A New Trick

In my last post, “Lola’s From Mars, Liam’s From Venus,” I shared how even though Liam had wanted to spend the night at my place several nights ago, I shut down like a broken motor due to my intimacy issues and sent him packing. A few days later I started thinking maybe I wanted to try having him sleep over. I came to that conclusion mainly in order to ensure that I was doing my part in keeping our relationship alive. Thus, I extended the offer and his response was that it confused him, so I let it lie. I was actually relieved that it didn’t happen, since I wasn’t 100% sure I was ready.

Several days passed with only sporadic contact, and per usual, I was re-thinking my grand plan to have him spend the night in the first place, so I kept a safe distance. But last night around 9 pm, I decided I kinda missed him, so I did something I rarely do with anyone, which was to pick up the phone and call him.

He answered quite cheerily, and I heard crowd noise in the background. He told me he was up at a local pub and I should come out and meet his friends. So even though I was in yoga pants and a hoodie, I threw on a pair of dark pencil jeans and a sexy silk shirt, slipped into my black high heels, added a touch of mascara, some juicy red lipstick and hit the door 30 minutes later.

We spent an hour or so at the pub, with a couple of his male  friends, both who seemed to find my company quite scintillating. There was an abundance of laughter and endless chatter about unimportant things.  I knew that I would invite Liam over afterwards, and when I did, he readily took me up on it.  We made a pit stop to get some late night snacks and came back to my place where we sat on the couch carrying our conversation on without a break for the next hour.

It was getting rather late, and we both were yawning, so Liam suggested we get into bed. Okay, I thought, giving myself a little mental pep-talk, this sleepover is happening Lola, so please don’t freak out.

We got into bed much like a typical old married couple might, (except we took all of our clothes off first). There was a brief kiss goodnight, as I snuggled into his arms and laid my head on his chest and we fell asleep.

Somewhere in the middle of the night, Liam pulled me close to him, hugged me tightly and pressed his lips against my temple.  I sleepily reached up to kiss him on his slightly parted lips briefly before nuzzling back down on his chest. He stroked my hair tenderly for a few moments and then from the darkness he whispered gently into my ear, “You are such a solid and cool person.  I don’t ever have to worry that you will embarrass me, or not be able to handle yourself in any situation. You are just so solid, he repeated appreciatively, as he gently took my hand and placed it on his very large, very hard cock which was standing at firm attention underneath the feather comforter. I reciprocated fully, in spite of only being half-awake. In the 30 minutes or so that followed, we got into some new territory. You may or may not know that I am NOT someone who orgasms very easily, and it’s  been my experience over the years that it’s purely an emotional connection which causes me to experience such a bliss. See the post: The Soul In Lola’s ‘O” for more details.

PPI did not have an orgasm last night, but I’ve got to tell you folks…Liam introduced me to a new sexual position which had me teetering on the edge of euphoria. I am pretty confident that just a couple more minutes would have sealed the deal.  I’m sure I must have tried this position with others before, but for some reason I do not remember it ever working out. Maybe it worked for us due to the fact that his cock is so huge, or that he is so tall in general. I tried to locate a photo of this wonderful position with no luck, but this image is as close to it as I could find. The only difference is that my legs were together in front, instead of the scissor split shown here. The whole thing has left me thinking that Liam must be some sort of ‘Sex God.’

I am trying not to freak out about how close he’s getting to my damn-near impenetrable busted-up heart, and focusing my energy on allowing myself enough space to ensure I don’t cut and run before I know if we really would be a good match.

One thing I am sure of, is that this is one trick I will be keeping up my sleeve. ; )



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