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Liam and Lola’s Slow Burn

As I wrote previously, in my post “The Tortoise And The Snail (Liam and Lola),”  things have been going quite slowly for Liam and I in the romance department since we met last October.  I have been healing from the heartbreak of losing a man I love more than I have ever loved anyone, and I just haven’t wanted to force myself to move on before I’m ready. 

As a result, I have been avoiding going to Liam’s house, and I have not invited him over to mine. It just seemed too risky, and not natural to go “there” yet, so I listened closely to those instincts and decided it would be safer to get to know him in public places. But I must confess I was curious to see where he lived, so when he invited me over to watch a movie last night, I decided to take him up on it.

I knew his daughters would be there, so I didn’t put too much effort into shaving before I left.  I was a bit nervous about meeting them, but figured what the heck? I am just a good friend at this point, so there is really nothing to worry about.  That being said, I wanted to make a good first impression on the two most important girls in his life, so I stopped at the store and raided what was left from the Valentine’s Day selection and put together two little pink baskets for them, and picked up a bottle of wine for Liam.

When I arrived at his home around 9:00PM, a very sexy looking Liam with his sandy blonde tousled hair, sporting a devastatingly delicious week’s worth of a beard, clad in blue-jeans and a woolly brown sweater hugging his towering athletic frame, met me at the door and reported the girls were in bed. Strangely, I felt slightly deflated at the thought that I wasn’t going to meet them after all.  That feeling caught me completely by surprise, as normally it would have reduced pressure in my mind.

Liam ushered me into the kitchen so he could open the wine, and I placed the Valentine’s baskets by the two cereal bowls he had already set out for the girls for the next morning. How sweet is that!? I thought as I noted his adorable preparedness and attentiveness to his daughters’.

Once I had my wine, I was all ready to settle down on the couch for the movie, but Liam said he would like to show me around. So I quickly arose from my perch on the couch to dutifully follow him on his grand tour.  He took a lot of time to explain what each piece of artwork represented, and pointed out who was in all the photos placed sporadically around his house. As I listened to him speak,  I could tell that growing up in England was very meaningful and special to him. His house is rich with sentiment and history, and the fact that he wanted to share it with me was very sweet.  He was getting more and more handsome by the minute, and I was loving every minute of the vibe we had going.

Once the tour was complete, we nestled quite naturally together on the couch for the movie.  We did manage to watch the entire movie, but towards the end it was getting difficult for me to focus, especially since he was playing with my hair and ever so lightly caressing the curve right above my hip, where my shirt had ridden up a bit. That’s my favorite spot to be touched, and he was doing it just right. It was all I could do not to lift my head off his sturdy chest and kiss him passionately.  And once the music started playing at the end of the movie, that was just what I did.

We made out for a while on the couch. He was very sexy, and I was really enjoying myself, but I was also a bit concerned about the kids in the next room, so I couldn’t fully relax. Plus, I knew I wasn’t ready to have sex, so that was in the back of my mind also keeping me a bit reserved.

Liam started to remove my shirt and bra, and I said softly, “Wait a minute, I need to think.”  Not bothered in the least, he continued to nuzzle me and murmured, “Okay, you go ahead and think, I’ll be right here.”  I chuckled  slightly, never breaking the kiss. A few more minutes of canoodling went by until he said somewhat teasingly, “How’s that thinking going?”  

I laughed and said, I think I’m not ready to do more than this tonight, especially with your kids in the next room.  He said he understood, and we continued our passionate embrace in his living room.

Pretty soon, and without a word, he took my hand and pulled me up off the couch and led me into the kitchen. He pulled a straight wooden chair out from underneath the table and gently pushed me down on it, and then knelt in front of me. We continued our kissing. A few times I put my hands at his waistline to feel him but he immediately pushed them back down to my sides until I complied with total surrender to his kisses and caresses.

It was all very sexy, and he seemed to want to go further, in spite of the prior conversation. I told him I just wasn’t ready, and that I’m sorry, but until I am, it’s not going to work. Again, he wasn’t bothered and said understandingly, that’s okay, there is no hurry, this is a marathon, not  a race.

What a good guy! I thought to myself almost dreamily. Sweet, smart, attentive, manly, passionate, funny AND good-looking!  How did I get so lucky? What a stellar and rare combination to find in one man.

In spite of the lingering feelings I have for Tristan, it is really rather exciting to see myself actually looking forward to the possibility of falling in love again…with Liam.



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