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The Tortoise And The Snail (Liam and Lola)

Maybe because it’s “that time of month,” or maybe it’s because I haven’t had sex since September, but I am starting to wonder what Liam will be like in bed.

Though we have only had a handful of dates, we have been getting to know each other and flirting since last summer.  I wrote in a previous post, “Lola Goes It Alone,” how I really enjoy his company, find him very attractive, love his personality, but really feel no “pull” to be with him. It is safe to say that I can take him or leave him. Ironically, that was also something Tristan said he felt about me. I guess that is just how it is when you are dating but still in love with someone else.

So I would say it has not been a real exciting relationship between Liam and I so far.  But I take responsibility for that since I’m still not completely emotionally available. I have seen glimpses of excitement when I am with him, and I really do believe it would just be a matter of me letting go of my feelings for Tristan completely and starting fresh with Liam.

Last week I took him to a party with me and everyone was duly impressed with him. His European style and handsome looks are all the more enhanced by his most delicious British accent. His 6’4″ athletic frame is also a definite crowd-pleaser for the ladies.  He was very sweet as he sat close to me on the couch and held my hand almost lovingly. Every time he got up, he asked if I needed anything from the kitchen. His attentiveness to me was a real turn-on, as it is a rare trait among the men I have dated.

Each of our dates has ended with a kiss, and a couple of them ended up getting fairly passionate (he is a wonderful kisser). But Liam has been the quintessential gentleman, always keeping his hands at waist level, never higher, never lower. In fact,  during the last kiss we shared I was kind of hoping he would get a little friskier, but alas… he left me wanting more.

I did hear him murmur under his breath as my hands were all up in his hair, and my tongue was teasing his, that we either needed to say good night or get a room, so I guess that meant he was raring to go too. ; )

I know from our conversations (over wine) that he is very well-endowed. Um, yes, that has me intrigued. What woman is going to turn away a thick, long cock? Certainly not this one.

But as much as I would love to, I am just not ready to climb into the sack with him. Not. JUST. Yet. 

A few months ago, in a post titled “The Truth Is…,” I wrote about how I fucked more men in the 3 years that I was in love with Tristan than I did in the last fifteen. Upon that sad realization, I vowed that the next guy I have sex with will be one I care for and who in turn, cares for me.

So even though the pace we are going  is  quite slow, it is probably a good pace for us to be at right now. No sudden moves, no drama..just a tortoise and a snail plugging along towards each other. Maybe if we ever get there, we can trade our shells in for some tiger stripes?

Hey. A girl can hope.



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