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Liam Makes His Move

A few months ago, I wrote about my first date with Liam (the good-looking British consultant), which finally occurred after several months of very sporadic email/texting and multiple invitations on his end that I graciously declined.

So if you read that post, you know that Liam made an excellent first impression on me, and I really enjoyed his company. Our night ended with an astronomical bar tab and a wonderful kiss which left me assured that he would be an attentive lover.

A few days after our date, I started feeling some anxiety about moving forward with him, so I told him that I needed to take things very slowly, because I was not 100% back to my fabulous self after my final break with Tristan.

His response was to say: “it’s okay, just be strong and beautiful.”

I took his words to heart, and decided not to force it when I wasn’t feeling very excited about being back in the whole dating world again. I went on a 2-week vacation and basically dropped off the face of the earth. When I returned, I felt more rejuvenated to date him, so I sent him a message asking him if he wanted to get together. His response was that he was sorry but he had just started seeing someone.

Ah. I thought foolishly to myself. I should have known that a great guy such as Liam would not be single for long.  I spent a couple of moments kicking myself for not being more emotionally available to him, but then realized if we were meant to have another shot, it would happen when we were both ready.

So the last couple of months have passed rather uneventfully. He has remained in contact with me, in spite of his relationship status, and I’ve been content to stay at a safe distance.  Until today.

Today Liam launched a pretty impressive play that I must say has lit a fire under me.

He texted me this morning to tell me about a date that hadn’t gone so well last night. “She was very pretty, but had nothing between the shoulders,” he wrote. I laughed to myself and thought with much empathy of all the young guys after me who are gorgeous, but don’t have a clue what a woman needs.

I wrote back and told him that dating gets old really fast, and I don’t have the wherewithal for it, much. He commiserated, and then asked about my upcoming week, and would there be time in it for dinner? I told him how hectic it was going to be, with a new contract starting along with several others already in play.

His next message caught me off guard (in a good way).

“I can come to your house, and cook while you work. I’ll be busy and happy and I can help you or keep out of your hair, feed you and leave. Or you can come here and I treat you to a nice dinner.”

Well that sounded positively heavenly. A man cooking for me in my own home while I worked? I haven’t had that kind of treatment since Roberto!

Jezebel wisely reminded me of the fact that I need to set good boundaries so that something doesn’t happen that I regret (she cited the case of Avery, who cooked for me in his home and then somehow got me to have sex with him, all on our first date). It was a one-night stand that I will probably regret forever. He was one of the biggest assholes I’ve ever met, who on our second (and final) date foolishly tried to kiss my friend Jane. (no longer my friend – Please refer to Lola Revokes Jane’s “Friend Card”  for the full story).

Jez is right. I don’t know him well enough to have him cooking barefoot in my kitchen, (as lovely as that does sound), and I really don’t want to put myself in the position where I feel pressured to sleep with him.

So I have decided to propose a night out on the town for our re-entry into dating one another.  But it does look like Liam is back, and I really hope he sticks around for a while so I can get to know him better.



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