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Lola Makes It Through Coffee With Online Guy #15

You may or may not know that there are no shortage of men who want to date me. While I am happy and flattered that men find me attractive, the problem remains that I rarely find a man who I actually WANT to date. I’m a sucker for a man of mystery, the elusive and “ungettable” types. I put absolutely NO effort into a man unless he intrigues me immensely.

Right now I have a few guys texting/emailing me. I usually reply (to the ones I find somewhat interesting), but I am finding very little satisfaction in the current candidates. The truth is, they are doing all the work, and I’m doing less than the bare minimum.

The guys pursuing me are really wonderful men, with so many of the qualities I like in a guy, but it’s like they are all falling all over themselves for a chance to get to know me. I don’t know. It just seems too easy, I like a little bit of a challenge. Who am I kidding….I like a LOT of a challenge. I did look forward to my date with Bennet, but the majority of my other dates I anticipate with dread. Utter dread.

Case in point: Today I had a “meeting” (I can’t even bear to call them dates anymore) with Online guy #15, and I took all of 20 minutes to get ready. That is unheard of for me. If I am dressing to impress, it takes me at least an hour and a half to get ready for a date.

Online guy #15 was like most of the other guys I have met, intelligent, a good conversationalist, handsome, and  very interested in me. And I found myself wishing he would leave about 30 minutes into our coffee.

I suppose it may sound rude that I am so callused about the whole dating process, but I *USUALLY* know right away if I am going to like a guy or not, *(there has been an exception to this a time or two), but I would say today it only took about 30 seconds.  The remainder of the time I spent trying to act like I was not looking at the clock and wondering how hard it would be to reject him if he asked me for a second date.

Finally, after what seemed like HOURS, he got up to leave, but NOT before giving me not one, but TWO business cards, and also writing down his cell phone number on the back. He then confidently stood beside me, looked me up and down unapologetically and beamed. He said a little coyly, “I’m not too short for you am I?” As he put his arm around me and pulled me closer to him. I didn’t know what to say, so I just said “no.” Because the truth is, he’s not too short for me, he’s just not FOR me, period.  

When I broke the news to him later that I don’t feel like we would be a love match, he said I quit too early, and was kind of a sore loser about it, to be quite honest. But at least I had the balls to let him know now instead of torturing both of us any further and delaying the inevitable.

All is  not lost, however. I’ve got two guys on deck, one of which I am fairly intrigued by. He is a successful, sharply dressed world traveler who recently renovated his 100-year old home. That sounds like a guy I would at least enjoy getting to know better.



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