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Lola Gets Tough With Bennet (Online guy #14)

Jez has been whipping me into shape on the rules of dating, and in turn, I am putting men through a pretty intensive training program to get their sorry asses into shape in order to meet my standards.

Last night I had drinks with one of the sexiest men I’ve ever dated, but the night ended on a very rocky note. We had a LOT of fun right up until the very end, which happened to be around 3am. We had a natural and easy connection, and our first kiss was just perfect, as were all the kisses that followed. I really think sex with him would be unbeatable.

Bennet and I met online (by the way, I started online dating again out of sheer boredom). He initially contacted me about a year ago and I barely had time for him. I thought he seemed too good to be true from his profile and his messages, so I figured he was a player and told him I was too busy to meet him. His response was: “It’s okay, I’m a very patient man.”  We exchanged a few emails and he gave me his number, but I never texted or called. As I said, I figured he was a fake and I better stay as far away from his as possible.

Fast forward to a few days ago, when I revived my online dating profile. Within 24 hours, I had a message from him saying it was nice to see me back in the dating pool, that he had missed seeing my smiling face.

All right, I thought. I guess he deserves a chance at least. So I finally texted him and we hit it off quite well right out of the gate. I liked the thoughtfulness behind his questions, and his sweet responses to my answers. You may or may not know that the most appealing quality to me in a man is when he is SOULFUL.  I found myself thinking, he’s very sweet and sensitive, I hope he won’t seem feminine when I meet him. Thankfully, he put those fears to rest the moment he walked up to me and said in a strong but low voice; “Hi beautiful.”

But there were a couple of major problems to our date. One was at the beginning, and one was at the end. Everything in between was amazing.

I arrived a couple of  minutes early to the dimly lit Martini bar, secured a booth, ordered a glass of wine and texted him to say I had a booth towards the back. He responded that he would be about 30 minutes late. I was FURIOUS!!! 

I texted Jez, told her what was going on, and she said to tell him that we should reschedule. So that is just what I did. This didn’t go over big, and he replied, When? Although I would rather not. I said I don’t know, I like a heads up when a guy is going to be late. After some back and forth, he said, I understand, and it’s up to you.

I said ok, I’ll wait for you to get here.

I wasn’t happy about it, but since I did look so smashing and had a glass of wine in front of me, I thought it would be silly to have to go through all of this again in a few days. So I waited for him rather bitterly, and in the meantime I began texting another suitor to ask him if HE would be late to a first date with me. He very wisely said he would be there 15 minutes early. Hell yeah, I thought indignantly. That’s what a real gentleman does.

BBut when Bennet arrived looking and smelling so delicious, my anger pretty much evaporated instantly. Damn. I thought as I put my phone down on the table, he really is pretty hot. Bennet is a 34-year old with an impressive 6’2″ frame that holds a body any woman would go crazy for. He is of a mixed race, so his light brown skin was offset by his flashing jet black eyes, low-cut black hair, and just enough of a perfectly shaped black beard to showcase his masculinity. I immediately melted.

He apologized for being late, and said that he hates keeping a lady waiting.  I said, “thank you, I like it when a guy lets me know ahead of time if he will be late.”  At that point he said that he had texted me to let me know about a half hour before, I told him I didn’t get a text like that, and he would have to show me on his phone. He dutifully pulled out his phone and produced the evidence that he had in fact given me a heads up. I read the missing text and it was a very apologetic and sincere. But for whatever reason, I did not receive it.

Well, okay Lola, I thought. Let bygones be bygones and enjoy this fine specimen of manhood. So that’s just what I did. We sat for almost 3 hours snuggled together in the romantic booth, talking and laughing, and sporadically kissing.  Somehow we decided that it would be a good idea to carry on our evening at another pub where many of the locals go.

It was at this pub that Bennet ran into several long-lost friends who were visiting, and it was a very celebratory happy reunion. He introduced me to everyone quite proudly, and stayed very close to my side the entire time. His friends all congregated near us, and both Bennet and I were entertaining them with our sparkling personalities. Shots were being purchased by the dozen, and Bennet kept drinking. I had a couple of glasses of wine at the first place, and I also did a couple of shots with them, but I knew that would be it for me, so I could drive home without worry. Bennet, on the other hand, didn’t seem to  be at all concerned about the pace of which he was drinking.

To make a long story short, he ended up getting pretty hammered with his buddies, and we had an altercation when I wouldn’t take him to my house and he wouldn’t accept my offer to take him home. So I finally just drove away, because I figured he’s a grown man, and I’m certainly not his mother.

He has since apologized PROFUSELY and is asking for a second chance. He says he knows he doesn’t deserve one, but would do anything he could to win another date with me, and would leave it up to me. I sent him a text saying that I don’t want another drama-filled relationship and I expect my men to be able to handle their business better than he showed, ESPECIALLY on a first date.  

After further instruction from Jez, I told him I would take a couple of days to consider the situation. He thanked me for that and told me that was more than he could have asked for, and that he hopes to be part of the select few that I open my heart to.

So what do you think? Does Bennet deserve a second chance???  I just keep thinking about that last kiss we had. Wow. Was it ever HOT!!!! I would rate it the best kiss I’ve ever had, and I am VERY glad I wore that mini-skirt!!




5 thoughts on “Lola Gets Tough With Bennet (Online guy #14)

  1. Everyone deserves a second chance…however….he DEFINITELY has some “making-up” to do. Don’t let the lustful side of you make decisions for you, Lola!! Hot or not, women deserve a man that puts a them first…especially on a first date. Kind of makes you wonder how you will be treated when he REALLY feels comfortable around you!! — Douglas!

  2. Anonymous #1, that’s what I said! I thought Lola should leave the bar and decide later whether he deserved another chance after leaving her hanging for half an hour (and I believe it ended up being closer to 45 minutes as he tried to find a place to park?). Anything more than 10 minutes late is already rescheduling, it’s just assuming that your date will go along with it. Rude!
    I love Douglas’ point– one I believe I made to Lola the morning after. This Bennet seems to feel entitled to whatever he wants, and is less concerned about what’s best for Lola.

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