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Lola and the brothers

Marco and Antonio: Partners in business and best friends who happen to be brothers. To further complicate matters, they are also clients of mine.

I’ve never been pursued by brothers before, and I must say it is not my ideal scenario.

As you may have read in one of my previous posts, Marco is one of my most recent new flames.  His younger brother Antonio has shown a fair amount of  interest in me for several months as well, but he has also been seeing someone else – so for the most part he has been a non-contender in the “Lola love lair.”

But every once in a while he playfully tells me that he loves me, and how much he desires me. I always laugh it off and tell him I don’t want to mix business with pleasure.  He usually backs down without much of a fight, but today was different.

We had a business lunch which was about 30 minutes away, so he said he would pick me up.  As usual, I had no problem walking the line between professional and friendly, and we got to chatting about relationships on the way home.

“I’ll bet you are a real handful when it comes to dating.” Antonio said laughingly as we compared dating horror stories.  I nodded in agreement, full well knowing he was right. Then he said something about how much he enjoys my company. Again, I nodded, and said confidently, “We do seem to be able to manage friendship as well as business pretty easily.”  He went on to express his attraction to me in a variety of ways, humor, personality, etc. Then he took it to a sexual level. As I said, he’s tried this trick before, but I’ve always successfully re-routed him back to a safer road with expert navigation. Today he almost derailed the train completely.

He looked over where I was lounging comfortably in his luxury passenger seat, and said rather lustfully, “I can tell by the blouse you have on that you have amazing boobs. I get so turned on thinking about them that I am hard right now.”  I was a bit stunned by his boldness, but I simply said, “Oh please.” in a very aloof manner, as I waved him away, thinking that would be the end of it.  He seemed rather miffed by my response, and before I knew what was happening,  he grabbed my hand and put it on his very hard, very large boner.  Holy crap! I thought to myself with a mix of excitement and horror, as I felt the monstrosity of a cock beneath his twill gray dress pants.  Is this really happening? Wow, he is hard. Wow, he is big. Wow, I might be a little turned on right now. I yanked my hand away and slapped him on his hand, saying somewhat playfully, “Bad boy!”

It took some more work on my part to calm him down after the incident, (as he was threatening to turn off on a back road and have his way with me), but once again I managed to steady the train before it jumped off the tracks. Whew, I thought to myself as he retreated to his corner. That was a close one!

The truth is, the only real reason I yanked my hand away is because I didn’t want him bragging to Marco about getting anywhere with me.  Heaven forbid Marco think I was after his brother when all of my interest really does lie in his arena.  Yes, if it wouldn’t have been for Marco, I think I might have let my hand wander a little while longer. After all, I do enjoy giving blow jobs to a man behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. There is something exciting about being just a little reckless every once in a while.

But naughty Lola did not come out and play with Antonio today. Maybe Marco will give me a lollipop reward for my loyalty to him…



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