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Lola Spices Up The Party

I think enough time has passed that I can finally write about what happened last summer.

I was somewhat ashamed of myself for a long time, but I recently told Elle about my little escapade (who thought it was a great story), and after doing so, I felt a little better and have thus decided to share my stunt with our loyal followers.

WARNING: Mature content will follow.

One thing I have learned about myself is that trouble seems to find me, no matter what. It is the one thing that follows me with total consistency.  Maybe because I am open to discussing absolutely anything, and entertain the idea of doing things out of my comfort zone quite often, mainly to keep myself more or less entertained. I think it’s safe to say that I’m on the fringe of  being wild. I have no problem acting on a whim. In fact, spontaneity is a strong suit of mine, but I try to weigh the cost of my actions prior to doing them for the most part.  So I guess you could say I don’t live my life with reckless abandon, even though I do give into impulses on a semi-regular basis.

So here’s what I did last Summer.

I was enjoying a cocktail at the bar of a friend’s party of the century when a married guy I’ve known for a long time came over and sat next to me.  I’ve known Tommy for many years.  It is safe to say that he is a wild-card, known for his crazy ways.  I always felt like he was intrigued by me, something about the way he looked at me, almost like he was trying to figure me out.  I remember feeling that way from the moment we met, and every time we would talk, I felt like his intense gaze was boring a hole into my brain. He’s a very fun guy, well-loved by all of his friends and always the life of the party. I would say he’s very good-looking.  He has a lot of sex appeal. With his longish dark hair, scruffy face and pierced ears, he definitely has the bad boy thing going.

So we were sitting there chatting about mundane things, when he asked if I was still dating the old guy (Tristan). I told him I was, and he started asking what it was like to have sex with someone more than twenty years older than me. I told him he was an excellent lover, which is the absolute truth.  Somehow, in the midst of this conversation, Tommy tells me that he and his wife always wanted to have a threesome with me. He said that they had discussed it several times, and his wife was interested in the idea, and I was the only choice in her mind. I was somewhat taken aback, but managed to act cool. I told him I was flattered, but that wasn’t my thing. I went on to tell him I just didn’t think that being with a married couple would do anything for me. He said he understood, but that I should really consider just talking to his wife about it. He waved me in her direction, and said nonchalantly, “Just go talk to her.” I admit, I was somewhat curious about what she might say if I broached the subject, and the atmosphere around us was filled with non-judgmental friends who were all drinking.  So I decided what the hell? Let’s shake things up a bit and see what Jenna has to say about this threesome deal.

I walked over to her and gave her a hug, and we started chatting. I wasn’t sure how I was going to bring it up, if at all, so I just stood there and talked to her awhile, noticing all the while that Tommy could not tear his eyes away from us. I paid her a compliment on her outfit, which spurred a compliment from her about my hair. Pretty soon we were talking about our boobs, and she told me that she thinks my boobs are awesome.  Okay, I thought, as I geared myself up. I guess now is the perfect time to bring this threesome thing up. So I casually motioned over to Tommy, who was sitting across the room on the edge of his bar stool with intense anticipation, and said, “So I was just talking to Tommy, and he mentioned that I should come over and talk to you about the possibility of a threesome.” Jenna didn’t even flinch. She threw her long blonde hair back and laughed, and said, “Yeah, we have talked about it a lot.”  She went on to say that they had never done one, but were both interested in the idea, and that I was the choice they agreed on. I told her I was flattered, but that I didn’t think I would ever be interested. But I nodded my head in Tommy’s direction and said, “He seems pretty excited about the idea, I must say.”

She laughed again and said, “Oh, I’m sure he is. This has been a fantasy of his for a very long time, and we both think you are so sexy.  Why don’t you go over and give him a little something under the bar, I’ll bet he’s pretty hard about now.”  I looked at her with a blend of surprise and intrigue, as I considered her dare for a moment. I could tell she was serious, and that she was just as interested in me doing it as I was. Perhaps even more so.

I went back over to my seat at the bar, next to Tommy and reported that she was very amenable to the idea, just as he had assured me she was. He leaned over to me and whispered huskily into my ear, “I am so fucking hard right now, you would not believe it.”  Without a word, I reached over and slid my hand up under his cargo shorts where I found a thick, long cock, harder than an iron rod waiting for me.

Tommy didn’t move, but his cock jumped a bit in my warm hand. I glanced quickly over towards Jenna, who just gave me a sly little smile as she continued to chat casually with her group of friends, and I began my hand-job all the while trying to act completely normal.  As for Tommy?  He looked me squarely in the eyes and asked me what I thought, and as I told him it was bigger than I expected, I expertly stroked his big cock under the table and felt his wetness start to flow on the tips of my fingers.



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