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Lola Finally Meets Liam

As I wrote in a previous post, The Truth Is…, the past few years have been a bit more wild than I prefer with regard to my dating/sex life. In that post I explain why as a result of doubling my lifetime sexual partners in 3 years, I have recently decided to delete my online dating profile and focus on my professional life.

But one guy slipped through the cracks before the account went defunct. Please welcome to the blog, Liam, a tall, blonde forty-something European businessman.

Liam and I have chatted and texted sporadically over the course of several months, but never met until Friday night.  He asked me out AT LEAST 4 times before I finally decided to invite him to a party I was hosting.  And when I say I decided to invite him, that means I added him to the guest list of a mass invite. This was not a personal invitation.

I was sitting at the bar discussing some last-minute details for the party right before we were ready to open the doors and I got a text from Liam asking if I was there yet. I said “yes” and he said “I’ll be there soon.” Okay, this is it, I thought. I guess we are finally going to meet. I had the typical conversation with myself reminding me that I might not be attracted to him and if nothing else, we could be friends.

Then he walked into the room, and that conversation was totally obliterated.

My first thought was, presence. The man has presence. I am not a petite person, I’m very tall and have curves that would put most women to shame. So it’s rare that I find men who make me feel protected and safe. Liam has the best body of anyone I’ve ever dated. What is “the best body” to me?  An athlete’s body. I like em’ very tall (Liam is 6’4″) with broad shoulders and chest, a substantial ass that sits atop actual thighs and muscular calves, big feet, big hands. Basically, I just like ‘big everything’ except around the waist. And Liam’s stomach is flat. I guess some people are just blessed with good genes, and Liam surely is in my estimation.

I rose from my perch on the bar stool to give him a hug. A hug that he didn’t shy away from at all. He gave me a real hearty hug that totally enveloped me. I wanted to stay right there for a few more minutes and just enjoy the moment, but I managed to tear myself away to offer him a seat next to me.

I really think Liam made the best first impression on me that any man ever has.  When he opened his mouth to speak, a deep strong voice, thick with the most delicious British accent poured out like honey and I was immediately smitten.  And gauging from the female looks in our direction, it was safe to say that I was not the only one swooning.

Liam is the whole package. With his gregarious personality, handsome looks, highly educated background, quick-wit and excellent conversation skills, he really dazzled me and everyone around us all night long. He never left my side at the bar in the entire 7 hours we were there. I flitted around doing my hostess duties and social butterfly functions throughout the evening, but he always kept my seat warm and had a drink waiting when I returned. He never let my glass get empty.  He was the perfect complement to my personality, and people kept asking me who my man was. I am sure that together we made a very entertaining duo.

The best thing about the night was that it seemed very natural. I never once felt like it was awkward or strange. We talked about divorce, sex, wine, antiquing, our backgrounds, architecture, travel, what movies/books we liked, politics, religion and on and on…with never a dull moment.  He is very open-minded and non-judgmental, which are traits that I feel I also possess.

I was surprised he stayed until the end of the party, but I guess he had been waiting so long to meet me that he really wanted to maximize his opportunity. He walked me to my car and I have no idea how, but I kissed him. I do know that I made the first move, which was the most natural thing in the world to do after such a great evening. I must say that kissing him was amazing, and his comments to me as we kissed such as “you are so pretty, you are so much fun,” sparked some exciting thoughts in my brain that he would be a very attentive lover. I really was able to get lost in his kisses and be swept away in the moment.

But not so swept away that when he asked me where I was going next, I could say with confidence, “It’s been such a good evening that I think I’m going to call it a night and head home.”  He graciously accepted the evening’s finish with style, gave me another warm hug and we parted ways.

I drove home thinking, this one has a real chance with me. Only time will tell if he is going to run away screaming once he gets to know me better. And later, as I was drifting off to sleep, still relishing the fond memories of meeting him, a text came in from him that said: “Now you’re on my lips. Night. x.” I smiled and wrote back thanking him for a wonderful evening and drifted off to sleep with a happy little grin on my face.


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