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If I forget to tell you later…

One of my favorite quotes from the movie Pretty Woman is when Vivian (Julia Roberts) and Edward (Richard Gere) are leaving the hotel for their date and she turns to him and says:

“If I forget to tell you later, I had a really good time tonight.”

I have a date with Maverick tonight, and something tells me it’s going to be a good one. We are going to dinner and a comedy show, and I’m actually looking forward to it.

He’s picking me up at my house, which is quite rare for me. I usually tell dudes I’ll drive separately (so I can have control over my escape).  But something about Maverick makes me feel at ease. I think it’s his honesty.

Since things have been emotionally draining with Tristan the past 2 weeks, I’ve cut all other suitors loose besides Maverick and Avery, and I see the dreaded pattern forming again. The emotionally unavailable man (Maverick) is the one I’m going for, while the emotionally available one (Avery) is chasing me.

Last night Avery asked me out for pizza and beer and I LIED to him and said I was busy, when in all reality I was doing absolutely nothing. That seems like a bad sign, when I’m lying to a guy to avoid spending time with him. Avery is the one I met last week and had sex with him on the first date. It’s looking like that is going to be a “one-night stand,” though that was certainly not my intention.  He is amazing in bed, I have absolutely no complaints in that department. I think it was just “too much too soon,” and now I’m scared to go near him. But he is being cool and persistent, so who knows?

The main thing (besides his huge cock, yes women love big dicks), that keeps me intrigued about Avery is that I “googled him,” and he’s fairly fucking impressive. Oh, that and he’s had a vasectomy.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll find out what Maverick is packing tonight. Something tells me he will be a contender for a long time to come.


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