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Lola and Avery

Meet Avery. Online guy #12. Tall, dark, handsome athletic male, age 40 with absolutely gorgeous gray eyes. His occupation is still a bit hazy, but I will tell you that his security clearance is higher than anyone I know within the Federal Government, and his job seems to hold a fair amount of danger and intrigue. Avery seems to be what you might call “an operator.” He gets things done efficiently and correctly instead of wasting time talking about strategy. He is well-educated and graduated magna cum laude from a prestigious college before going on to retain his MBA. But what makes me like Avery the most? He was raised in my home state on a cattle farm, just a few hours from where I grew up, also on a cattle farm. Maybe it’s my imagination, but I think that makes him so much more down to earth to me.

I found Avery buried in my matches online, and I was intrigued enough to send him a message. I should note: I have only initiated contact with a handful of men online, as usually they come to me. But every once in a while I see one that I don’t want to slip away without first trying to get his attention, and so I emailed Avery.

About 20 minutes later, I received his reply telling me his interest was also piqued. It was rather late at night, and he put a note of his own in the message, which stated: ..and please note, I don’t wake up and reply to just anyone 🙂 You are beautiful and I like your self-awareness! I think we would have fascinating conversations!

And so began our fascinating conversations, first via text, then he mentioned he would like to call me the next day. I was impressed that he took the bull by the horns to advance us to the next level of talking on the phone, but not a meeting just yet. That shows interest without being overeager, and with me it is key for a guy to not come on too strong. That’s my favorite quality in a man, and it seems that most men I meet do not walk that line very well. They either show too little interest, or too much. Even I have to admit that it’s a fine line to walk with me, so I understand that most will fail.

So he called me last Sunday and we talked for a couple of hours. I was enjoying our rapport very much and totally lost track of time. At some point during our lively discussion he suddenly said, “Hey, have you eaten dinner yet?” I looked at the clock and noticed it was nearly 7:30PM. “No, I’ve been too wrapped up in our conversation to think about dinner.” I said. “I’m about to put some pork loin on the grill, would you care to join me?” He asked.

And so began date number one with Avery. His house was very nice, he had it professionally decorated by an interior designer, and when I arrived there were candles burning everywhere and the sounds of soft jazz gently wafted through the house and carried me out to his deck, where he was quite adeptly handling the main course on a rather fancy grill.

My first thought was he is taller than I expected. My next thought was he is more intellectual looking than I expected. My next thought was, he’s got a great body, and my next thought was…I might be in trouble.

Dinner was delicious and I found the conversation quite entertaining. When we finished eating, he spent a few moments cleaning up the dishes after plying me with some more wine and seating me comfortably in his cozy living room. I sat there gazing around in admiration at the stylish paintings on the walls before laying my head back against the plush couch cushion to let the music carry me away while I waited for him to join me.

Suddenly he was above me, looking down almost as though he didn’t know what to do. I looked up at him coyly and said with a devilish smile, “Are you going to come here and sit beside me?”

And sit beside me he did. And it was several hours and several positions later before I left.


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