Maverick Gets Lola Hot and Bothered

I’ve dated a fair amount of men since my divorce more than 5 years ago, but Maverick is proving himself to be rather unique compared to the rest of the guys I have dated.  He is the kind of man I could really get serious about. Even as I say that, I shock myself, but then again, he is really impressing the hell out of me.

I typically go for two types of guys: The well-traveled business man or the down-home country boy. 

Maverick is the latter.

He is 39 and works as an electrician. He’s the type of guy that you know would defend your honor in a bar or hold your purse in the mall.  A manly type who’s not afraid to be sensitive.  My favorite kind of guy.  Maybe because that is what my Dad is.

At any rate, Maverick recently had his wisdom teeth pulled and was hopped up on painkillers.  So until yesterday when I had the good fortune of the “truth serum” kicking in, I didn’t really know what his level of interest towards me was.  After all, we only had one short date ending with some pecks on the lips, initiated by me. While he has been keeping in touch with me ever since we met, texting me daily, he has never really said he was attracted to me, or at least how attracted he was.

Until yesterday.

He sent me a text saying that he just got his wisdom teeth pulled but was feeling pretty good due to the amount of painkillers he was on.  He then referred to me as “hot mama,” “baby cakes” and “hot pants,” all within minutes. Thank God for truth serum, I thought to myself with extreme amusement. Now at least I know he is attracted to me.

I was entertained by his obvious delusional displays of affection, but took it for what it was, realizing he was probably out of his head on drugs.  I did, however mention that I was glad to know that he was attracted to me, since I had been starting to wonder. He assured me that yes he was very attracted to me, but he had not wanted to let me know just yet. He then wrote all of the things he would like to do to me, fairly explicitly.

My mouth dropped open as I read his text saying he would like to “rip all my clothes off, run his fingers through all my long hair…then kiss and caress my luscious breasts, then kiss my lips and then……….”

Okay, now I need a cold shower.

I mean this guy is SEXY. And he’s obviously not shy about telling me what he wants to do to me, which, I have to tell you; is a huge turn on.

For our next date he has given me my choice of him cooking for me or us grabbing some Indian food at a great nearby restaurant.

I think I’m going to choose him cooking, but you know what that means, don’t you? More than just the stove will be getting hot.


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