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Lola Meets Maverick: Online guy #10

Maverick is a guy I found online when I first plunged into the online dating world about a year ago. He had just begun a relationship with another woman when my email found him. He replied to tell me that he was off the market but if it didn’t work out, he assured me that he would be back to find me.

I was somewhat surprised he didn’t suggest we be friends, but it seemed like he was an all or none guy, so I didn’t press it. I figured a guy like him would live happily ever after with his newfound flame and I’d never see him again.

But several nights ago he came back for me, just like he said he would.

He emailed me his number, and we texted back and forth for a while. He’s a very cool, low-key guy. Very funny, a good conversationalist, and overall non-threatening, which was just what I needed after my harrowing day of dating hell. About an hour into our interactions he asked me if I wanted to meet him for a late night drink. Even though I had stripped all my makeup off and was relaxing in my yoga pants sipping my red wine, I leapt at the chance to see what he was about. Somehow he seemed worth it. Once again, I got completely dolled up (my 4th date of the day) and off I went. He texted me a few minutes before our meeting to say ‘I’m sorry, but it looks like I’ll be late.’

I couldn’t really be bothered, I had no idea why he would be late, but it didn’t matter. I said “no problem” and sat sipping my wine while checking my email.

When I saw him walk in, I must say that I thought; HOLY HOTNESS, major score.

He was lean and athletic. He had very broad shoulders that tapered into a lean body. Dark brown wavy hair and matching chocolate eyes set off his bearded jaw quite nicely. He was wearing a light blue t-shirt that hugged his sculpted chest and arms, while a pair of trendy jeans did the same to his long legs. He was a sight for sore eyes indeed, and it was almost painful to tear my gaze away.

But that’s what I did, because I couldn’t be caught gawking.

He strolled up to where I sat at the bar with a wide smile on his face, and I rose to give him a big, warm hug. Wow, he is tall, I thought, as I resisted the urge to bury my cute little nose into his chest and nuzzle his soft cotton shirt. He smelled delicious too, there was just enough of a hint of nice cologne, but mostly the aroma was of fresh soap. He apologized again for being late and as he turned to say something to the waitress and I checked out his ass.

Cutest little ass I have ever seen, hands down.

We talked and laughed very easily for the next hour. Throughout the course of the conversation he affectionately dubbed me with the nickname ‘Fancy Pants’ because he seems to think I’m out of his social class. (I assured him I am not, but he didn’t listen).

The bar was closing, and I have learned the hard way not to violate my rule of not inviting a guy back to my place on the first date, so while I certainly would have spent more time with him, I knew he had a 45 minute drive ahead of him, thus I suggested we go our separate ways for the evening. He paid our tab, pushed back his bar stool and we strolled through the restaurant almost touching as we walked towards the door, he pushed the door open ahead of me and there we were, in the parking lot, ready to say our goodbyes.

We stood there almost awkwardly, full well knowing a moment was coming. A warm summer’s night breeze gently blew us together, and I found myself reaching up and kissing him on the lips. His short mustache and beard felt so good against my soft lips, and I resisted the urge to push the kiss deeper. A strand of my long hair got trapped between our lips as I kissed him a second time, and he hugged me to him and murmured, “Thanks, your hair tastes good.” I laughed and took that as my cue to leave.

As I was climbing in my car as he gazed down at me with an amused look on his face he said,

“It was really great to meet you ‘Fancy Pants’. I’m sorry again that I made you wait on me tonight. The reason I was late is because I got pulled over for speeding.  The cop asked me what I was up to tonight, and I said, I’m going to meet a woman.”

I smiled and happily said, “All is forgiven, as long as you take me out again.”

You got yourself a deal Fancy Pants.


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