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Re-enter Dustin

A few months ago, a guy from the dating site I was on emailed me giving me a break-down of who he was and what he did. I skimmed it then discarded it, thinking he sounded way too self-involved. A couple of days later, I received a second email apologizing for the first one, telling me he had typed it on his phone so it was more curt than he normally would be. He then asked me several questions about myself and said he hoped to hear back from me.

Persistence gets big marks with this woman. It always has.

So of course I emailed him back and in the days that followed I liked him enough to give him my number.  He began texting me with a “get-to-know-you game.”  The game was just a series of random questions, such as: Beer or wine? Beaches or mountains? etc. Maybe it sounds cheesy, but it actually was pretty fun.  Also at this time, he was getting ready to leave on a business trip. Some speaking engagement at a conference in New Orleans. But that did not stop him from being very attentive to me. He called me from the airport and we chatted while he waited for his flight.  I was intrigued by him, he was definitely random and interesting. Oh, and did I mention HOT?????!!!!! Smokin’ hot, ladies.

And so our friendship began.  He called me from New Orleans one night, drunk off his ass, and I loved it.  I chuckled as we chatted, thinking, “He is a happy drunk, how nice.”  He would send me pictures of where he was and what he was doing at all hours, and the more I was learning, the more intrigued I became. He just seemed so happy and well-rounded. In the months that followed, I realized that he was just as happy and well-rounded as I had anticipated. But after our first few dates I began to question if I could let him into my heart.  Maybe because I was seeing the possibility of how deep it could go and it scared me. Who knows? I’m an emotional mess when it comes to letting men in.  Especially since I had two other men I hadn’t closed my heart off to (Roberto and Tristan) and I was also dating Pierce at the time. Sweet Jesus. I was already emotionally involved with 3 other men, what was I expecting would happen with Dustin?

Well, at any rate, we did have a thing going for a couple of months, and I even spent the night at his house once. Yes, the whole night. I think it’s safe to say that took some major skill on his part.

I think the more interested he became, the more I felt the urge to back away.   After all isn’t that what emotionally unavailable people do?  Bail when someone starts feeling too much for us?

I’m not sure exactly how I extricated myself from Dustin, but I did. I think I just told him the truth which is that I’m not over Tristan and it would be too difficult for me to keep dating him in light of my deep feelings for someone else.  So things dissipated. We stopped seeing each other for the most part, beyond developing a business relationship at his initiation. The business kept us in touch somewhat and last night we had a “meeting.”

A meeting which ended the moment I came back from the restroom and slid in next to him in the booth.  He looked down at me with an amused expression and said: So does this mean our meeting is over then?

I think I answered that question before he even asked it. But just to be sure, I kissed him.  


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