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Don’t call him a cowboy (until you’ve seen him ride)

About a year ago through a search online, I found a rather dreamy cowboy I’ll call Cole. 

There was no photo attached to his profile, but what he had written about himself intrigued me enough that I sent him a message expressing my interest.  He wrote back and said he was flattered that a hot tamale like me would even bother with an old guy like him, but he didn’t think it wouldn’t be fair to me for us to hook up due to the age difference.  (He is 25 years older than me).  There were several photos attached to his email, and I was like; “HELLO!” I gazed in admiration at his thick head of black hair, handsome chiseled features and a 6’3″ strapping body and thought to myself; “Damn he’s fine.”

So I handled his rejection in my typical fashion, which is to think that he clearly didn’t  know what he was saying, and that given the right encouragement he might change his mind.  I wrote him back and thanked him for his honesty and assured him this ain’t my first rodeo, and I know full well what I want and how to handle myself.

He was rather amused by my response and we immediately struck up a friendship. There were many times he would even start flirting with me outrageously only to back off once I started matching him.  I found out shortly into our email interactions that he had raised three daughters, and one of them was just about my age. It was around that time that I started realizing how having a relationship with me might be weird for him as a result, so I backed off from trying to lure him with my vixen ways and we fell into a friendship mode, sometimes meeting for lunch (always at his invitation, and always his treat).

The first time we met in person I was very attracted to him and I remember thinking he was just my type. He may be an older cowboy, but he still knows how to dress.  He had on a nice pair of dark jeans and a fawn colored cashmere sweater that matched his eyes.  And of course that kick-ass pair of cowboy boots he was wearing on his size 13 feet appealed to my earthy side.  He was broad-shouldered with a nice ass. I could tell he was an athlete when he was younger because he still had the body.

So as I said, we have been friends for nearly a year now, and I have been distracted many times during that period by other men, so I very rarely contact him. He, on the other hand has consistently called or emailed me just to check in and say hi, and I always happily reply.  A couple of weeks ago he asked if he could make an “appointment” to see me, and I said, of course! Today was the designated day, so we met for lunch.  Even though I’m not looking for a man, I do find myself drawn to him. As we sat and spoke of love and philosophy during our leisurely two-hour lunch, I found myself wondering if I should be trying to put my powers of allurement to better use to see if I could tempt him into crossing the line with me.  

I have a feeling it would be worth it, even it was for just one night. I have imagined what he’d be like in bed more than a few times. My instincts tell me he would be very attentive and able to easily take charge of this feisty filly.  What is it that they say? Don’t call him a cowboy until you’ve seen him ride, if he ain’t good in the saddle you won’t be satisfied…

Or something like that.


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