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Lola, Elle and Jezebel….

Lola and Elle proudly announce the addition of a new female writer to our tell all world. A woman who recently entered the online dating scene with a “bang,” her last encounter was a hot lunch date which ended with a trip to a sex shop. But I won’t spoil the fun, I will let her tell you all about it in a blog post coming soon.  But for now, please meet our new spicy femme fatale…..

Jezebel: A series of paradoxes, Jezebel is a strong woman looking for a man to whom to submit; someone who loves sex, but hasn’t had it for over 5 years, can’t decide whether she wants a relationship or just an active sex life… but now has decided to do something about it. She’s exploring her inner slut, inner sex slave, and inner child in the hopes of figuring out, at last, what she wants out of life.


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