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Lola meets Christian (online guy #8)

Today was the day I met Christian, who started emailing me about 2 weeks ago after reading my profile on the dating site I belong to.  He emailed me and had no photo, so I could hardly be bothered with him. I told him I would like to start by seeing a picture of him. He sent me one and it went into my spam filter, thus I had no clue he had sent it. He followed up a couple of days later asking me if I had gotten his photo. I said I had not, and if he would like to re-send it, I would watch for it this time. So he did, and as I looked at his handsome face and athletic build I thought: Hmm. There is something about him. Yes, I think we would make a nice looking pair.  I wrote back and told him just that.  A short time later he emailed me again and I did not take the time to respond. I simply was too distracted with other men. Well, he was not to be deterred by my lack of correspondence and emailed me a few days later asking me if I had gotten his email. That was the day I began realizing that this guy might actually be interested in me and maybe I should start taking notice. I responded with an apology for my absence and we began emailing back and forth. I was starting to like this guy, so I offered him my phone number for texting and calling. The next day he texted me and we texted most of the day. It was all quite comfortable, and at one point he mentioned that he was really enjoying our conversation. I too, felt as though we were really connecting. He seemed very charming and sweet on one hand but not afraid to say things or ask questions on the other. He was displaying a good mix of strength and character.

But he still had a trick or two up his sleeve, and when he asked me this question it caught me a bit off guard.

Christian: “Do you go to church?”

Lola: “Yes, I go to a really cool church, would you like to come?”

Christian: “Sure.”

So we agreed to meet at my church. A first date at church was definitely a new one on me, but I actually found the whole thing to be sweet and sexy at the same time. I guess the spontaneity involved made it seem sexy, and the fact that we were meeting in church made it sweet.

He was there before I was, and as I was nearing the church I got a text telling me that he was sitting in the back row. My heart skipped a beat. He was there. He was early. I started to get excited.

I walked in and saw a beautiful man seated in the back pew alone. He was wearing a lavender button-down shirt fitted to his ripped torso and some trendy jeans that boasted lean but powerful thighs. I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t get a chance to assess either his shoes or his “package” due to the very close proximity of our seating arrangement. But I did note that he had a very nice watch on, and he smelled absolutely intoxicating. I also noticed as we chatted, that his eyelashes were long and dark and his eyes a toasty, soft rabbit brown color. His black hair was cropped very closely to his head, almost shaved, but not quite. I saw just the beginnings of a shadow forming around his perfectly contoured jaw line. Enough to show anyone looking that he was a manly man.

As I strode confidently up to him, he smiled and stood up quickly. His 6′ 2″ strong body pulled mine in closely for a warm hug. My head was spinning as I was realizing that he was better looking in person than I had anticipated, and that was just the icing on an already delightful cake.


2 thoughts on “Lola meets Christian (online guy #8)

  1. So what did he think of the church service?
    Was the singing up to his standards?
    Did he think the theology was ok?

  2. His comments were very favorable about the service (particularly the sermon) and he said he was glad he came. Of course that might have something to do with the sexy babe he sat next to ; )
    – Lola

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