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Lola taps into online dating’s “cream of the crop”

Over the past several months I really feel I have attracted the cream of the crop as far as men go, due to online dating. The one exception to this of course, would be Officer Sippy Straw, who managed to slip through the cracks based on his fairly interesting profile and my severe boredom on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

I am extremely choosy about the men I go out with. At this point, there is no reason not to be. Thus, there are a couple of things I look for when a man is pursuing me online.

The first is how much substance his message to me has. If it says something like: Hey sexy, how are you today? I hit delete. Next please.  If it says something like: I really enjoyed your profile and would love to meet you, I click on the picture and on we go to step two.

I generally skim the photos briefly, then scroll all the way to the bottom to read what they have written on their profile about themselves. I may glance at the interests listed on the way down, but I still don’t care much about that until I have read what they have taken the time to write. If what he has written doesn’t grab my attention I don’t care how good-looking he is, I’m just not interested. An articulate man is very important to me.

So far, there has been no exception to this rule. I have never emailed a guy back unless I thought there was much more to him than just a pretty face or some sexy six-pack abs. And on an occasion when I may not find a man attractive upon looking at his photo, I still reserve judgement until I read what he has to say. 

As a result, I have entertained conversations with a double-amputee and a wide variety of ages and races.  Very early on, I set my age requirement range from 26-62 and subsequently, I have had lively chats with each end of the spectrum, respectively.

In the past 3 months, I have met 6 men and have two in the hopper that I am waiting to meet. I took a small break on meeting new people for 2 months while dating Pierce pretty much exclusively.

Of the 6 men I have met, I have had several repeat dates with 4 out of the 6. Sippy Straw was not going to get another date if he was the last man on earth, (but sadly that did not stop him from trying.) The other guy that I have not had any contact with since our first meeting was quite good-looking and nice, and a wonderful conversationalist, but I felt no spark between us whatsoever. Since I never heard from him again, I can only assume he felt the same way. (Although he did end our meeting by telling me that he would like to see me again. I said, sure, but never heard back from him.) He was an anesthesiologist, and for some reason I just cannot imagine dating someone in the medical profession. (Perhaps because it is my tendency to get light-headed at the slightest mention of blood or pain.) But I digress.

All 4 of the men I have been seeing regularly have their master’s degrees or PhDs, and are all quite handsome. Brains and good looks, check. If only it were that simple, sigh.

My best first date so far was with Pierce, (you may read about it here) and my worst was with the now iconic Officer Sippy Straw. But my sexiest first date was with a guy I will call the King of Persia. My GOD, is that man ever sexy!  An accent and a voice that would melt butter, and giant chocolate-brown eyes that I just want to dip myself into.
I guess he is still in the picture, and would probably be surprised to know that I consider him sort of past tense. I do not keep in touch much with any of the guys I am dating unless they initiate, because honey, I really have my hands FULL these days!  Anyway, let’s just say on our first date we ended up back at his house, making out in his bedroom closet because his adult son was also home. I would like to state for the record, that it was quite large. (His closet! Get your minds out of the gutters!) ; )

Yes, King P. is the most successful of the men I’ve dated and probably the most interesting as well. But on our second date I found out some things about his lifestyle that may not jive with mine. We discussed it on a subsequent date and I am just not sure we are well matched as a result. He is still very interested in making a relationship work with me, so I am trying to keep an open mind.

All in all, I’m quite pleased with this whole online dating plan, and feel I am meeting some very interesting men and opening up some real possibilities for my future.


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