Lola and Warner Bros.

A few weeks ago, (through mutual friends) I got hooked up online with an Emmy winning television producer and writer from Warner Brothers Studios.

It didn’t take him long to be charmed by my sparkling personality and he suggested we could meet and become real-life friends. I knew he was married, and since he had been the perfect gentleman in all of our email interactions, I had no reason to believe he would want more. There was a business angle to the whole thing as well, so ever thrilled at the prospect of stardom, I readily agreed to meet him. I even shifted many current events (and dates) to accommodate his schedule. We agreed on a late night drink since both of our schedules were very tight.

We met in a dimly lit and fairly crowded bar around 11pm. I arrived first and immediately had two men surrounding me, one insisting on buying me a drink even though I told him I was waiting for my friend to arrive shortly.  I scanned the crowd, wondering if I would recognize him.  The two guys beside me chattered on about their evening and were wondering if I might join them later at another bar. I told them I had already had a very busy night; two dates and now I was meeting a friend. They seemed content to hover and keep me company, and I was happy to let them.

I saw Warner Bros. come in and sit down at the bar, and immediately there was a small crowd around him. I closed off my conversation with the two gentleman, thanked them for the drink and away I flitted to meet my interesting new friend.

We sat and talked as real friends would, from the very first words we spoke. I am sure no one would have ever guessed we were meeting for the first time.  He was very down-to-earth, and I was very open and friendly, laughing often as is my usual state. I kept thinking that he seemed quite awesome. So chill and laid back, just a real go with the flow type of guy.  We talked about his life, how he grew up, how he met his wife, even down to the detail of what style of furniture his house is furnished with. He seemed quite content to sit and chat about anything that came from my lips. Off and on people would come over to say hi to him and he always introduced me. I felt rather important and queenly in his presence.

About an hour later, I decided I should not take up any more of his precious time and I had a very early engagement the next morning, so I said I should probably get going.  He said: me too, may I walk you to your car? I was flattered by the gentlemanly gesture and said, sure!

As we walked to the car I thanked him for fitting me into his schedule and told him what a genuine pleasure it had been to meet him.  He echoed the sentiment and said, I am very glad I got to meet you, you are just adorable and if I were single I’d be all over you. I laughed, saying if you were single, I’d be all over you too.

At this point, I was feeling a small vibe that something might “go down” upon arriving at my car, but I wasn’t 100% sure. So I just made a mental note and prepared myself that a move might be forthcoming.

Suddenly, there we were at my car. Again, I thanked him for the pleasure of his company and expressed my sincerest appreciation.

WB: May I give you a kiss good night?

Lola: Wait, what kind of kiss? A friendly kiss would be fine.

Warner Bros. just smiled and opened his arms to embrace me. I fully expected a kiss on both cheeks or a quick peck on the lips, but what happened from there was not so much a peck as it was a full on kiss with an expectant tongue attempting to break through. I backed away immediately, saying whoa…that doesn’t seem like a friendly kiss to me! I smiled to soften the blow and said, but maybe they do it differently in L.A.

I hugged him to show no hard feelings, got into my car and shakily tried to start my car. There was a knock on the passenger side door and it was him, motioning for me to roll down the window. I was so flustered, I couldn’t find the thingee to roll it down so I just leaned over and opened the door.

Lola: (quizzically) Yes?

WB: I would like to apologize and say that I hope I didn’t offend you just now with that kiss. It is just so nice to feel connected to someone again. I am sorry and I hope we can keep in touch.

Lola: Thank you. I kind of got a vibe that a kiss might be coming, so I was prepared for it.

WB: (cocking his head amusedly) Well, there’s a vibe between us, but we’ll just ignore it.

Lola: Okay, sounds good.

And off I drove, still somewhat in shock. We have kept in touch since, and I am handling him just fine. I do believe even though he flirts with me that we will remain friends and maybe a possible business connection in the future. But all of that to me is secondary to making a great new friendship with a very interesting guy. He must see something in me (beyond a pretty face) that causes him to want to be my friend as well. And I don’t care who you are…that always feels pretty darn good.


4 thoughts on “Lola and Warner Bros.

  1. Hooking up with a married guy is your business. From everything you described this guy seemed focused on one thing: an extramarital affair. The ploy of the WB connection seems contrived. But either way, manage expectations. Think I’ve told you that before.

  2. Wow, Gabriel, hooking up? Is that a bit harsh? Being friends with a married man is completely within my wheel-house of comfort. I have more married male friends than single, largely because I do not view them as a threat. At least until they make a move on me such as this one did. However, he did apologize and he has backed off. I am not willing to throw something out the door based on a one-strike policy. That is not my style. Life is too short, and friendships/relationships are the core of life to me. Getting to know what makes people the way they are and hanging out with anyone interesting are the essentials of Lola. I have no expectations from WB, It is not my problem if the guy cheats on his wife, because baby, it won’t be with me! There is more to the story than meets the eye, it was not obvious at all that he had “one thing on his mind” until the end. At any rate, I do appreciate you weighing in, as always.

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