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Lola and online dating: UPDATE

My online dating post has garnered quite a bit of attention and received the most hits of any post I have written thus far. Obviously this is a hot topic! So I have decided to update y’all on the happenings of my online dating experiment. I failed to post days 5 and 6 from the dating site here, and as it turns out, day 6 was a pretty big one.

So in case you missed the previous post with days 1-4, let’s review.

Day 1 on this site: Let me just say that I am very leery of this idea, but since I enjoy men’s company so much my curiosity has gotten the better of me. I have never used a “dating site” before, and it makes me feel somewhat desperate. So let me be clear: I am happy single and not searching for a relationship. That is NOT to say that if something wonderful came along I would reject it. I am just interested in having some fun by setting my own parameters for doing that.

Day 2 in the trenches of this site: I like good-looking men, (why wouldn’t i?) but what I really want is a man who can be soulful, wise, intelligent and funny. I don’t care about age, just soul. I am starting to think that is asking too much of the majority of the men on this site. Come on lines will not get you anywhere with me. Being real will get you everywhere. If being yourself means you tell me right out of the gate you just want sex, then be a man and say that to me. It will impress me more than this ridiculous cat and mouse game I’ve seen so far. If you guys want me to hang around on this site, you better step up your game. I can see why there are not many attractive women on here. We can’t be bothered with the level of play that is being offered.

Day 3: I am happy to say that there have been many men who have actually read my above rants and have taken it to heart. Thank you! This proves there really are some good men out there (which of course has been my hope all along). However, some have taken it too much to heart and offered me “job application like” emails. I am not a ball buster, I don’t need you to prove you are worthy to me. What I do appreciate is a man who doesn’t come out of the gate with offensive comments and come on lines. Another very boring thing to me are the emails I get that simply say: how are you today? I am sorry, but it is highly unlikely I will respond to those. They show no soul or connection of any kind. What they say to me is that I am just another pretty face (which I’m not). Oh, and today also my french press broke and I had to make instant coffee.

Day 4: I am engaged! Juuust kidding, although i was proposed to which was a cute/funny joke. Things are looking up. Some of you guys are actually very sweet and charming and I feel quite adored! Thank you! The most interesting thing that happened yesterday was that i got recruited for women’s wrestling. so if you watch this sport, maybe you will see me on the stage one day!!

Day 5: Engagement is on temporary hold pending our first date and I declined the wrestling gig fearing bodily harm.

Day 6: I met a man on here and in person who says he wants to have a relationship with me and I am in the process of trying to figure out what to do. It all happened so freaking fast, and was intermixed with so many other crazy and wonderful things that happened on this site in my brief time here, so I will be taking a break to see where this goes.I think he deserves a chance, especially since he’s taking one on me.

So, yes. At this point it is safe to say that I am exploring a relationship with this man. Do I know where it will lead? Heck no! Neither does he. At least we’re in it together though.

I am scared out of my mind to be here after only 6 days on the dating site (especially given the fact that I was definitely NOT looking for a relationship, but wanted someone to “hang out” with.)

We had our first “non-date” or we could just simplify it and call it a meeting. He is good-looking, attentive, hilarious, sexy and smart. So after our meeting, I asked him out on a date, and that’s where we are now.

Oh, and I didn’t throw my panties at him as I wondered I might. But then again…. there’s always tonight.


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