Sexual experimentation with Lola

You may know by now that this blog is about our (Lola and Elle’s) personal experiences in our dating/relationships along with our many thoughts and theories on them. For now, I (Lola) have been doing most of the writing because Elle has a lot going on.  She will eventually join us and regale us all with her dazzling personality and crazy life as well.

But for now, you’re stuck with little ol’ Lola.  And I think I am up to the challenge of keeping you interested. I still have plenty of tricks up my sleeve yet for y’all.

Warning: the content of the following may be unsuitable for children under 18. (I don’t know for sure because A. I don’t have kids, and B. I don’t know you or your kids.)

My sex life would probably be considered pretty tame to most people. I have not had many sexual partners (still in single digits) and outside of the mildly aberrant sexual experimentations such as: sex in an elevator, sex while driving, sex in a public place, sex on the kitchen counter, sex in the office, sex in a coat/janitor closet, sexual role-playing (that one time I became Olga the Russian masseuse, yeah that was fun..I should bring her out again.) and getting tied up and blindfolded and…well anyway, you get the idea.

So aside from all that stuff I haven’t really ever had a keen interest in pushing the envelope and have been pretty easily satisfied with just trying out the many kama sutra positions in various places.

Experiment #1: To pee or not to pee?

My first “strange” sexual request came after I had been dating my ex-husband for about 2 months. This request was for a golden shower. I will not assume that everyone reading this knows what the golden shower means, and I will post for you the definition from the urban dictionary now: The act of urinating on another person, usually for sexual gratification, or as a way of humiliation. 

Now when I was asked to do this, I had no idea WTF the deal was. I was pretty much stricken by the thought of it and resisted quite a bit.  But he was insistent and said it was very important to him and he would do everything he could to make me comfortable while doing it.  One thing about me that you may have picked up on by now is that I am a giver. Not to the point that I would consider myself a doormat, but I am a pretty sacrificial person. So I agreed to give it a go.

His idea for how this best could be enacted was in the bathtub. I have to tell you folks, I tried, I really did. I climbed on top of him in the bathtub and started kissing him, but I just couldn’t do it. It was just too weird. But I do think I should get some credit for going so far as attempting to do it.

Summations: I still do not get what the golden shower is all about. What is so sexy about getting urinated on? Seriously, can someone enlighten me? If it is indeed for humiliation, why would you WANT to be humiliated?

Experiment #2: 2 good-time girls + 1 hot guy = spontaneous combustion!

Upon my liberation from my marriage, I suppose I went a bit wild for a time, which is probably pretty typical.

I started seeing life through new eyes, the eyes of someone who didn’t want it to pass me by while i was just sitting around waiting for something exciting to happen. After all, as the famous quote says: ‎“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

So I decided to do my best at that point to always create excitement in my life. If I was home alone on a Friday night, I got all dolled up and hit the town by myself. I wasn’t alone for long, and I met many interesting people this way.

In fact, it was one of those very nights that I met a high-octane sex kitten who was a divorced blonde bombshell in her early 30’s. She was really something, and we became instant friends. Sadly, we are no longer friends as jealousy and a man came between us.  For the purpose of this post, I will refer to her as “Good time girl.”  She actually got that name while we were riding in a taxi in Vegas. The driver called her that because he was so enamored with her high-spirited antics. Good time girl and I were the perfect dynamic duo. We ran around together several days a week, stayed out until all hours, did bar crawls, played pool, danced and attracted men like flies.

Good time girl had a friend with benefits named Mark. He was super hot, and super sweet. He was totally amused by us and always very complimentary and chivalrous. Curly blonde hair, blue eyes and a great body.  And he was younger than both of us by 5 years or so. Mark loved hanging out with us, and we loved hanging out with him.  So we decided one night, (after a few beers) why don’t we all go to Vegas together?

So we went to Vegas for 4 days, and shacked up in a kick-ass hotel room that we barely even saw for the first two days. But on the third night we all ended up in bed together. It was what I would call an interesting experience.  Looking back on it now, I suppose it sounds sexier than what it really was. It was less of a threesome than it was what I refer to as a “two on one.” Let’s just say that Mark got the better end of the bargain during this blessed event. Two very sexy, very fun women were all over him for at least 2 hours.

Summations: Threesomes. What is the big deal? As with most things in life, I believe it’s simply about curiosity and experimentation.  Life is something to be experienced, after all. I chalk this one up to a good experience that I am glad I had. But the conditions have to be perfect, and I think the most perfect thing about our conditions were that we just weren’t looking for it…it just happened.

I am all for sexual experimentation if it is consensual and happens naturally. Forcing something in this area just wouldn’t work for me.

But I would like to know from my readers, what are your thoughts and experiences in this area? Come on, I just told all and now it’s your turn!


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