Lola and the sexual peak downer

Brace yourself for something different from me today folks. And please cut me some slack in advance for possibly taking a temporary leave of sanity. I am only human, after all, and this ain’t no joke.

I have heard that women peak sexually in their 30’s, but since I have always felt like I had a very strong sex drive, it would probably not get any stronger for me.


At first I thought maybe it was just the power of suggestion, that all the years of hearing about how women become more sexually driven as we age was the reason I was feeling so much more sensuous.

Then I faced the facts. It really does intensify. And it really does suck to have this problem when you are as picky as I am. There are times when I wish I could lower my standards just to get laid.

I’m sorry. It’s the truth.

Unfortunately, (or fortunately) depending on who you ask, I am not willing to lower my standards and accept sex from someone with whom I do not have a very strong connection.  This is proving to make my 30’s a fairly frustrating time.  I do not need a relationship, necessarily. I am not opposed to the “friends with benefits” thing if I have a great connection with the guy.  In fact, I had a good thing going in that department several years ago.  Unfortunately, he pulled the plug because he wanted more. I know a couple of guys who would love to be my friend with benefits, but I just cannot seem to get into them. I guess the rule for me is if I would not date them openly, I would not have sex with them, as there would be no point.

I am not opposed to a relationship, and I am not opposed to being single. What I am opposed to (quite strongly, in fact) is going through my 30’s without sex, I mean come on: where’s the fun in that?? 

What is the point of  being a sexy, intelligent, fun woman at my sexual peak if I cannot enjoy it fully?

I do know this: Something’s gotta give. Because this, whatever it is, just isn’t going to work for me without a man.


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