Lola on the value of a friend like Elle

There is no doubt about it, Elle and I are of the same ilk. (I will now pause to post the definition of ilk so you do not have to look it up, you can thank me later: same —used with that especially in the names of landed families).

I am not a real “girly-girl”, I grew up with all brothers and never could really be bothered with all of the drama I witnessed from my friends at school. I always had lots of girlfriends, but I was exempt from the drama simply because I did not care to involve myself.  I have usually had a couple or three close girlfriends at a time, and they usually only change when their life changes (marriage, kids, relocation).  It is more difficult to maintain the upkeep of a friendship that is long distance, but certainly not impossible.  Elle and I live several hours away from one another by car, but only a short hour-long flight (we prefer this option for obvious reasons).

So with me being a very low-maintenance girlfriend, I have always been fine with a small circle of best friends who I chat with on the phone or Skype, and see every once in a while for a girls weekend.  But Elle grew up with all sisters, and is more inclined to schedule regular visits. I do not mind this at all. In fact, I quite enjoy it.  I feel loved and appreciated, and needed.  This is right in my wheel-house of comfort.

So recently she posed the option that we should shoot for monthly visits, as to maximize our dual-entertainment.  This will take some work, as life is crazy for us both.  But I know from experience that the value derived from a weekend with Elle is priceless.  We meet so many interesting people when we are together, and thus have so many more stories to regale others with (see also you, our readers), but more importantly, we really do make memories that will last a lifetime.

We both wish to live life to the fullest extent humanly possible (and then some) and finding a girlfriend who is both as secure and as equally entertaining as I am (not to mention hot) is a gift of gargantuan proportions.  So tonight as I raise a glass to my dearest friend, I have to say, Elle – you truly are freakin’ fabulous, girl.


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