Lola and older men

If I have a “type” when it comes to men, one adjective I might start with would be “older”.  I have been known to go for guys 12-28 years older than I am.  I have dated some younger dudes, and often find them very cute and entertaining, but I think older men are just so damn sexy. So people often ask me, what’s with you and all the old guys?

It’s simple.

As per my previous post: Lola on soft vs. tough; stripping it all away, I need a strong man who is also gentle and chivalrous. I like a man who is smart, ambitious and multi-faceted. Not to mention all of the other qualities I look for: caring, loyal, determined, patient, witty, charming, giving, passionate, attentive…and the list goes on and on.

This combination of wisdom and soul is so hard to come by in any one man, much less a man who has experienced so little of life. Age by definition ensures experience. And experience by definition is something personally encountered, undergone, or lived through. Tough experiences will make a person strong if they allow themselves to be molded and shaped by them. And that is what I am looking for in a man. A man who has undergone much and allowed it to make him stronger. So if you do not have as much or more personal experiences through which you have grown from as I do, you had better be much older, because that’s your only chance at keeping up with Lola!

So why do I have such high criteria for what I want in a man?  That is also simple. I have found it. More than once, in fact. And once you have experienced all of the best qualities a man could ever offer (wrapped up into one man), it becomes difficult to settle for less ever again.

I am sure there could be the rare younger person (such as myself) who has grown from difficult life experiences so much that they just cannot help but to be amazing.  I just have not had the pleasure of meeting such an individual (at least not in a man under 60).

So there you have it. Why I love older men, in 400 words or less. On the bright side, the older I get, the “less old” my men will need to be in order to be sexy.  


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