Lola’s flavor of the month

Over the past several weeks, I have been wooed and entertained by a hot younger guy who seems hell-bent on winning a date with me.  I will refer to him as “thrill seeker” for the purpose of this post. I am completely amused by his advances because I am aware that it has very little to do with me and more to do with the fact that I have presented him with a challenge. Okay, okay, let me hold up. Maybe that is overstating things a bit. We were at the same party a few months back, at which point he was, and I quote: “totally blown away by my personality.”  (I am sure the fact that I looked gorgeous had little or nothing to do with it.) But he does seem to have some game, I will not lie.  Going straight for the personality compliment in his preliminary advances towards me is not your average play. It takes some real forethought and playa skills to go for the jugular from the get go. After all, women dig the personality compliment, especially women like Elle and I. We know we are attractive, so that is a no-brainer compliment for a dude to take. (don’t get me wrong, we still want you to tell us told how beautiful we are). But to go for the personality is a step up. Still not quite as far up as the men I normally go for, but definitely in the realm of possibility for dating.

Bonus tip for men:  Women want to know how they are different in your eyes. We know you will sleep with us. Hell, we know you will sleep with most women. But what you can find about us that set us apart from the masses? That is the key to really getting somewhere with a high-quality woman.

Thrill seeker (age 30), is one of the owners of a real estate business which specializes in the leasing/sales of condominiums in Costa Rica. He is a sandy blonde hunk who stands tall at 6’4″ and I have not tried it yet, but I am pretty sure I could bounce a quarter off of any part of his body. Note to self: keep various pieces of change handy for next date.

As per my advice in a previous post, (please refer to exhibit A: Lola on juggling men,) I have been completely honest with him about my “situation” (please refer to exhibit B: Our Relationship History) and have agreed to give him a chance. I have actually been quite stressed about going out with him and have been avoiding it due to my drama.  But then I realized; I am not doing myself any favors by sitting on my thumbs waiting for one of two men I love to pull it together, so I  have decided to throw caution to the wind and see what sort of thrills thrill seeker can bring me.

(Enter happy-go-lucky Lola), who will likely show up dressed to kill, throw back a shot of tequila and see where this goes.  I am pretty sure that thrill seeker does not know what he is really getting himself into. After all, I am the older and wiser “voice of reason” in this scenario. I will likely end up telling him just as I told the last contender: I am too much woman for you. You just cannot handle me.

But, we shall see. Life is short, and I have long since realized that I have no time to waste wondering what the future holds. Instead I must seize the day and go with the flow.

Live in the present. That’s where all the fun is.” – Donald Trump


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